For a limited time, get your songs mastered for only $25 per track


A recording and mastering facility

Serving you since 1981

Located in Colonie, New York

Minutes from Albany International Airport

Sand Creek Studios is the trusted choice for musicians worldwide

Tracking • Stereo Mixing Dolby Atmos
Production • Soundtracks

Pro tools Ultimate®

The studio is operated full-time and is equipped with an outstanding 64-bit Pro Tools Ultimate® recording system for the serious musician, producer, or audio/video professional.

Pro Tools Ultimate® systems are the most powerful, flexible, and in-demand digital audio workstations (DAW’s) available. More music and post production professionals around the world use Pro Tools Ultimate® systems for their work than any other solution. Pro Tools Ultimate® systems deliver the unparalleled sound quality, processing power, and flexibility, which artists, engineers, and producers rely on to create award-winning albums and films.

Pro Tools Ultimate® interfaces get premium audio conversion to help capture pristine sound with near-zero latency to help mix and monitor thousands of tracks, and keep your entire session in perfect sync. That’s why Pro Tools Ultimate® is at the heart and soul of every professional music studio and audio post-production facility in the world. Because when it comes to creating your best work, nothing delivers like Pro Tools Ultimate®.

Pro Tools Ultimate® makes it easy to mix your songs in Dolby Atmos® which will be the new streaming standard for iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services.


The purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of your stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. In short, you want your song to sound great on big speakers, small speakers, your phone, your car, and especially when you upload it to iTunes, Spotify, or any other streaming service.

For a limited time, get your songs mastered for only $25 per track

A List of Gear!

At Sand Creek Studios, we are passionate about gear. From our extensive mic locker to our impressive array of high-end mic preamps, compressors, and EQs, we have everything you need to achieve a world-class sound.

Mircophones 1

Mircophones 2

Mircophones 3

Mircophones 4

Microphone Preamps


Effects Processors




Drum Kit


Here are some local artists that have recorded their songs at Sand Creek Studios

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